Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Throne For A Loss

Rygel is captured by the Tavleks, a race of warrior/mercenaries, who want to ransom him off.  The crew try to rescue him.

There is so much going in this episode that seems like it was inserted purely to say "this is not Star Trek".  It's kind of painful, because it doesn't always work.  Foremost is John and Aeryn's big argument before they go down to the planet.  Yes, we get it, they don't always see eye-to-eye on things.  There's a difference between distrust and dislike, though, and I feel like they didn't always nail the balance.  The conflict feels forced.

Once again the pacing is a bit off.  Not a lot happens.

The Tavloid/Tavlek joke is only funny once.  Actually, maybe not even that much.

The young Tavlek/Zhann plot on the ship is interesting, and not just for Virginia Hey's very, um, interesting backside.  Zhann says she's not going to try to proselytize, she'll just treat him decently and with respect.  It doesn't work out for her, and she doesn't seem terribly disappointed at the end.  Again, it's not the way Trek would have handled it, but different doesn't necessarily equal better.

Down on the planet, Rygel is thrown into a cell.  His neighbor in captivity is Jotheb, ruler of the Consortium Of Trao.  This is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the best parts of this episode.  Despite the fact that it's just two puppets talking to each other, what they talk about is quite interesting.  Their general respect for each other as rulers of great empires is fun and refreshing.

Last minute random thoughts: The lead Tavlek looks awesome with his battle-scarred metal helmet.  How does he see?

Jargon watch: still using "minutes" not microns or microts or microdots or whatever the hell it is.

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