Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank God It's Friday Again

Around this point I started to question whether my rewatch project was worth it.  Maybe I could just skip episodes like this and get on with the good stuff?  But no, I stuck with it.  Learn from my mistakes people - read this and skip watching the episode itself.

Zhann and D'Argo are on a new planet, acting all giddy and going to raves.  Are they under mind control?  Duh.  Will Aeryn become a scientist and discover the cure?  Who cares.  The main thought I had watching this episode was "sloooooooooooooow".  The pace is positively glacial.  The guest acting is terrible.  The albino lady acts like the dwarf from Twin Peaks, trying hard to be alien, struggling to speak, as if English is a weird and unfamiliar language.  It's a nice try, but it just doesn't work.  All it does is make a slow story even slower.

At about the halfway point I was so bored I started to notice things like the fact that the door hinges are decisively Earth-like. Apparently they have Home Depot in the Uncharted Territories.

The episode wraps up with Rygel saving the day through explosive urine.  That's not a bad description of this episode actually.

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