Friday, May 25, 2012


Another Farscape blog?  Really?  What is this, the 90's again?  Well, to be fair, Farscape first aired when blogging wasn't really a thing.  In fact, compared to the amount of Internet attention a modern SF show garners, Farscape got notoriously short shrift.  One can only imagine the tumblrs and twitters that would have sprung up around it, if only those services had existed.

I watched the entire show during its original run but have not revisited it since then.  I was curious to know if it stood the test of time.  I certainly have memories of it being pretty good, and doing some new and exciting things.  We'll see if the memory cheats.

The show was reissued on BluRay in the last few years.  Although it's not a true HD show (it was edited on SD video, and the CGI FX were only ever rendered at SD resolution), it still looks and sounds decent enough.  Armed with this box set, I am going to rewatch every episode in order and offer my thoughts.  I hope you'll stick around for the journey.

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